Location is still the first rule of real estate

Talon only participates in markets known through years of analysis and experience. Talon leverages its proprietary relationships with institutional owners and lenders, along with its local market intelligence network developed over the last 25+ years, to gain early access to well-located high-quality assets. Talon believes that substantially leased, multi-tenanted assets with a blend of national and regional credit tenants, in the highest performing submarkets of their targeted geographic areas, allows “Core/Core Plus” investments to outperform lesser quality and/or stabilized assets in secondary locations.

The team at Talon employs a uniquely successful value-cyclic strategy. They strive to be a "first mover," identifying future opportunity, entering the market when others are still timid, securing deals when competition is weak, and exiting acquisitions when the "herd" follows, pushing prices to unacceptable levels. Knowing when to invest also means knowing when not to invest. They do not invest when market dynamics become overly competitive and values are not sustainable. This strategy has a long term perspective with an emphasis on capital preservation, significant stable cash flow, and risk mitigation through owning the best assets in a specific area.

Private Capital
A Rare Opportunity

Talon is the only team in the Pacific Northwest providing the opportunity for private capital to participate in a national investment platform, with access to high-quality real estate historically the domain of institutional investors. 

Talon brings together a unique blend of like-minded investment partners comprised of select private individual investors, family trusts and endowments, and family wealth offices, whom have all indicated a willingness to co-invest together to build a sustainable portfolio of commercial real estate assets and debt instruments that provide a balance of cash flow and appreciation resulting in long-term wealth creation and preservation.

Best of Class local operating partner

The Principals of Talon Private Capital LLC have tremendous experience as both investors and service providers to the nation’s largest institutional partners. Institutional equity investors often seek out "Best of Class" local operating partners in order to execute their desired investment strategies in specific markets. Talon is often approached by these equity groups to co-invest and lead in the execution phase of the investment.  As an operating partner, Talon is unusual in that it makes a significant equity co-investment with its institutional partners. Furthermore, unlike most local operating partners, Talon does not retain large in-house service fees; instead it out sources to the best 3rd party service providers available, and seeks return through successful strategy execution.

Talon is the only local operating partner in the Pacific NW whose Principals have been institutional investors, fund managers, and asset management strategists on a national scale.

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